Es Mussol Restaurant

The “summum” of importance, is the quality of market ingredients and the wisdom of our cuisine.

Our restaurant has the charm of surprising who visit it for the first time. Its cozy and authentic decoration, the close and cordial treatment, together with a suggestive gastronomic proposal where tradition and modernity merge, is what has ensured that Es Mussol has been around for 25 years enjoying the pleasure of making who visit us happy.The highest quality in local products, the wisdom of our cuisine, paying attention to detail, presentation and service, all together to make your evening special and unforgettable..

Emma Alcover

“…in a charming place, always working to improve and happy to see our clients enjoy”

David Vidal, chef of Es Mussol

Meat fondue

One of our star dishes, beef tenderloin, kangaroo and chicken breast fondues, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, potatoes, Basmati rice and homemade sauces.

Beef cheek

The beef cheek with Oporto and chocolate essence, is one of those dishes that surprise you by its flavor and aromas.


Cheesecake with mango sweet

A combination of flavors that you will not want to finish ..



  • Nachos with melted cheese, hot sauce and guacamole 8.50
  • Fillet steak carpaccio with parmesan cheese and rocket sald 13.50
  • Dates with almonds wraped in fried bacon 8.50
  • “Butifarrón” (Black majorcan sausage) flambe with orujo liqueur 8.50
  • “Papas bravas” fried potatoe cubes served with hot sauce 7.00
  • Homemade croquettes -Spinach, chicken and cuttlefish- 9,50
  • Deep fried “Padrón” Green peppers 8,50
  • Roasted provolone cheese with tomato marmalade 10,50
  • Zucchini fried rolls with bacon and shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 10,50
  • Toast with foie and sweet mango 12,50
  • Steak tartar (100 grs) 12,50
  • Sobrasada with honey and crackers Quely 8,50
  • Thai soup of coconut milk, green curry, vegetables, chicken and rice 12.50


  • Crêpes with chicken, almond sauce and melted cheese 13.50
  • Crêpes with aubergine, goat’s cheese, pine nuts and caramelized onion 12.50
  • Mixed crêpes… one of each 13.50


  • Goat cheese salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, figs, grapes, apple, nuts and raisins 12.50
  • Rocket salad with parmesan cheese, tomatoes and pine nuts 11.00
  • Mango and avocado salad with mixed greens, tomatoes and cashew nuts 12.50
  • Crispy chicken and prawns salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, celery, sweet mango, spicy sweet and sour sauce and sesame seeds 13.50
  • “Esqueixada” timbal (Cod marinated in olive oil with natural tomato and roast peppers) 13.50


The fondues

(mínimum 2 persons – Price per person)


  • The meat fondues are served with basmati rice, potato, vegetables and homemade sauces

– Fillet steak and chicken breast fondue 19.50

– Kangaroo fillet and chicken breast fondue 19.50

– Fillet steak, kangaroo fillet and chicken breast fondue 22.50

  • Cheese fondue (Gruyere, emmental, mozzarella & Edam) served with variety of breads, carrots, celery, grapes, apple, cherry tomatoes… 14.50

Our Cods

(Coming with potato cake and seasonal vegetables)


  • Cod fillet with prawns topped with a creamy honey sauce 18.50
  • Seared cod fillet with aubergine marmalade 18.50
  • Caramelized cod fillet flavored with garlic oil and pine nuts 18.50

Meat dishes

  • Fillet steak (200grs) or entrecote (300 grs) served with potato cake, seasonal vegetables and:
    – Caramelized sobrasada (Es Mussol speciality) 21.50
    – Cabrales sauce (blue cheese) with nuts and reisins 21.50
    – Melted provolone cheese 21.50
    – Green pepper sauce 21.50
    – Foie and reduction of “Pedro Ximenez” 23.50
    – Foie and caramelised mango 23.50
  • Veal cheeks with Oporto sauce, seasonal vegetables and potatoes 16.50
  • Skewer of kangaroo fillet with curry sauce and basmati rice 21.50
  • Fillet of kangaroo with mustard sauce and basmati rice 21.50
  • Steak tartar (180 grs) 21.50

Homemade desserts!!

  • Mango cheese cake 5.50
  • Blueberry cheese cake 5.50
  • Bonofi pie 5.50
  • White chocolate soup with red fruits, crumble and strawberry skewer 6.50
  • Fig ice cream with rum 5.50
  • “Hierba Luisa” ice cream with berries and mango sauce 5.50
  • Almond ice cream 5.00
  • Chocolate crêpe with fresh cream 4.50
  • Pankeke: Crêpe with “dulce de leche” (caramelized condensed milk) with vanilla ice cream, banana and nuts 6.00
  • Chocolate fondue with fresh fruits (Minimum 2 pers./price p.pers) 5.80
  • Cheese board with quince and nuts 7.00

Ice creams/Sorbets

  • Vanilla ice cream 4.00
  • Chocolate ice cream 4.00
  • Mango sorbet 4.50
  • Lemon sorbet 4.50
  • Lemon sorbet with “marc de cava 6.00



971 70 28 65



C/. Barranc, 3

07015 Palma de Mallorca – Génova


Open from Monday to Saturday from 7pm. (Closed Sundays)

Use this form to reserve your table with a minimum of six hours in advance. If lower, book through the phone 971702865. Thank you.

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